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Entry fees are per number and performer.

Intrigue Dance Intensive allows a ten second grace period for each routine. One point will be deducted every five seconds after the grace period.


  1. Admission is free!
  2. A dancer MUST be registered for the convention in order to compete.
  3. Video photography is restricted due to copyrighted material. There is NO video photography during competition—this will be strictly enforced.
  4. Photography is not allowed. Intrigue Dance Intensive reserves the right to use any images taken during the convention and competition for promotional purposes.
  5. Reserved seating is available to teachers during the convention showcase.
  6. No use of fire, glass, liquid, powder, or live animals on stage.
  7. No coaching from audience.


Consist of ballet technique with classical movement that reflects a ballet style.

Consist of ballet technique with the use of pointe shoes.

Primarily jazz technique with up-tempo music.

A combination of ballet and jazz technique in an emotional routine that encompasses around the music to drive feeling and rhythms.

A combination of modern and jazz merged together with a stronger emphasis on modern technique.

Musical Theatre
Consist of Broadway, movie or musical dance styles-may incorporate acting and/or costumes.

A contemporary jazz routine that draws from modern, lyrical and ballet movements.

Consist of tap technique. Any recorded tap sounds on the music track will be a deduction of five points. (Clogging routines should not be categorized as a tap entry but under “Specialty”)

Hip Hop
Routines consisting primarily of hip hop technique.

Acrobatic Dance
Routines consisting of controlled acrobatic and rhythmic gymnastic movements involving balance and flexibility–may contain gymnastic passes. While a majority of the routine must contain acrobatic moves, it must also contain choreographed dance movement. There is no category for pure aero/gymnastic routines and the use of mats is strictly prohibited.

Pom Pon
A routine utilizing pom pons at least 50% of the routine’s duration. Acrobatic movement may be incorporated along with the dance steps and choreography.

Clogging. ballroom. ethnic/folkloric. character. novelty etc.

Any combination of two or more of the fore-mentioned categories.

Competition divisions, fees, & time limits

Solo $100.00 $110.00 3 Min. Max
Duo/Trio $53.00 $58.00 3 Min. Max
Small Group (4-9) $39.00 $44.00 3 Min. Max
Large Group (10-15) $39.00 $44.00 3 Min. Max
Extended Time Large Group (10-15) $42.00 $46.00 3.5 Min. Max
Line (16-24) $39.00 $44.00 4 Min. Max
Production (25-49) $39.00 $44.00 5 Min. Max
Ext. Production (50+) $39.00 $44.00 7 Min. Max


*A fee of $4.00 per dancer will be added if a routine goes over allotted time.


To find the appropriate age category for your routine, simply add all the dancers’ ages as of the start date of competition and divide by the number dancers in the entry. When finding the average age of your routine always remove the decimal point. For example if an average age returns a number of 15.8, remove the .8 to have an average age of 15. Therefore, your number would be placed under the Teen Division, Ages 13-15. NOTE: All ages are as of JANUARY 1, 2017.


Petite                    Ages 8 and under

Junior                    Ages 9 – 12

Teen                      Ages 13 – 15

Senior                   Ages 16 – 21


  1. Regional competition will be limited to the allotted available time. Entries will be received and accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. If there are too many entries, solos and duo/trios must be available to compete on Friday starting as early as 1pm.
  2. Registration for the competition is closed four weeks before the event. Entry information must be completed to be accepted. All contestants must be registered for the entire competition in order to compete.
  3. The deadline for any changes in the competition entries is three weeks before the competition.
  4. There are no restrictions as to how many numbers a performer can participate in.
  5. Teachers who own more than one studio may submit entries for each studio, as long as both studios are registered separately for the convention and competition.
  6. Live props are not allowed. General props are welcome. No large scenery, dangerous or oversized props.
  7. Judges may change the division and/or category of an entry, if warranted.
  8. Competition entry fees are non-refundable. Returned check service fee $25.00.
  9. All registered dancers may compete as long as they are not a teacher or professional.
  10. Dancers who are regular students at separate studios may compete for both studios if a teacher from each studio is individually registered.


If registered by the 4 week deadline, participants will receive a confirmation email detailing the registered workshop participants, competition numbers and payment information.


Each studio must provide each entry on its own individual CD or upload their music upon registering on DanceComp Genie in .mp3 format only. CDs must have routine name, entry number and studio code letter. Studio must submit all music and backup CD’s or Backup USB drives to the Intrigue registration desk no later than two hours before the start of the competition.  We will not accept music that is provided on devices such as mp3 players, or phones.  Backup USB drives must have entries properly labelled within in folders (i.e. Junior – Solo – Entry title, Teen – Group – Entry Title).


  • Technique
  • Staging
  • Choreography & Musicality
  • Overall Performance


All decisions by the panel of judges will be final.


All entries are adjudicated by three judges. Each judge scores on a basis of 1 to 100 points. The combined score of the judges is the total score.

TRUE ARTIST  |  291 – 300

PLATINUM  |  281 – 290

HIGH GOLD  |  271 – 280

GOLD  |  261 – 270

HIGH SILVER  |  251 – 260


Awards will be presented to all competing entries that meet the True Artist, Platinum, High Gold, Gold, and high Silver criteria.


Special Awards

Standout awards will be selected by the Intrigue judges.

Category AWARDS

  • 1st place – division must have three or more entries
  • 2nd place – division must have five or more entries
  • 3rd place – division must have seven or more entries

Overall aWARDS

If there are 3 or more entries in a division, overall awards will be presented for each qualifying age group and division

  • Solo: $75
  • Duo/Trio: $75
  • Small Group (4-9): $100
  • Large Group (10-15): $100
  • Line (16-24): $100
  • Production (25-49): $150
  • Ext. Production (50+): $200

Choreography Award

Selected by Intrigue judges for best overall choreography in a group entry.

Visionary AWARD

Selected by Intrigue judges for most creative and breath taking performance in a group entry.

TRUE Director

Intrigue recognizes studios that embrace all styles of dance. Studios competing in multiple genres and at least 10 group entries will qualify to win Intrigue’s True Director Award.

True Producer Award

Studios with 15 group entries or more will be considered for the True Producer Award.  The highest scoring entry from each qualified studio will be awarded the True Producer Award.  ALL competing dancers in the winning entry will be rewarded with free access to Intrigue Nationals workshop classes!


Please report all accidents and injuries to an Intrigue Dance Intensive manager immediately.

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